The Portuguese Pantry brings proud flavors to your table any day of the week. Our Restaurant quality blends have been crafted for an easy home cooked meal.

We are America's only place to find our special blend of Portuguese seasoning mixes. We unveiled the first collection of our seasoning mixes on Etsy back in 2015. The very first seasoning mix blend was Cacoila. The ready-to-use dry blends offers everyday people a solution for creating consistent and authentic flavors inspired by some of Portugal’s popular dishes. 

Today we have our own Ecommerce store, and have over 30 blends and mixes all created and perfected from customer requests. It's hard to believe, but the very popular "Blade Meat Mix" has only been available since 2021. Customers requested it because they couldn't find the ready to use marinade or the ready to cook pork at local markets anymore. So we got into the Portuguese test kitchen and made blade meat mix happen.

Our seasoning mixes include all the spices needed to prepare a specific Portuguese dish. We have formulated each blend to help add an “authentic spice kick” to everything from grilled meat, fish and vegetables to traditional stews, and sauces.