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Antonio's Lupini Beans

Antonio's Lupini Beans

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These Lupini Beans are ready to eat right out of the jar. Simply rinse and pinch off the skin and eat as a snack, drizzle with extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper, or add to your favorite dish for an extra intake of fiber and antioxidants.

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Lupini Beans are yellow legumes that are extremely popular throughout the Mediterranean. They typically take a long time to prepare, but Antonio's Beans have already been properly prepped and arrive ready to eat. Enjoy their savory, slightly bitter taste and silky texture. Lupini Beans come from the Lupine legume. 

A Christmas Favorite
Olives and lupini beans are a favorite Christmas snack. The olive brine saturates the beans with its salty flavor. It is a combination every Italian munches on during the holidays.

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