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Gonsalves Portuguese Whole Black Olives

Gonsalves Portuguese Whole Black Olives

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Authentic Portuguese Olives: Bring traditional Portuguese cuisine home with these imported whole black olives. One of the first things that are placed on the table at a Portuguese restaurant or home is a small bowl of olives seasoned with garlic and olive oil to take the edge off people’s appetites. The hard part is to eat just a few!

Rich Flavor: A unique natural fermentation process that removes the bitterness and gives these olives their unique, savory flavor and provides the right amount of texture. 

The Perfect Starter: Serve as an elegant and satisfying snack, perk up a picnic, or pair with other food board essentials like fresh or pickled vegetables, artisan cheeses, crostini, prosciutto or dry pepper crust salami, and red pepper spread.

Versatile: Use these black olives as a delicious topping to crispy, chewy focaccia. It is also perfect for adding taste and color to a variety of meals - use it to compliment the flavors of your roasted meats or as a savory topping for your specialty pizzas, or add a special zing to cocktails and martinis!

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