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Alpaca Creations

Hermey the Alpaca: Beyond the Gate (Children's Picture Book)

Hermey the Alpaca: Beyond the Gate (Children's Picture Book)

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This story will entertain and inspire young children while teaching them important life lessons and learning about these fantastic animals.

Hermey is a fun-loving, likable, real alpaca living on a New England farm. Hermey the Alpaca is part of a children's book series. 

Hermey is having an awful day. Hermey is convinced that he has the worst luck ever! But he soon discovers that bad luck can sometimes come from wrong choices. Even after all the problems, Hermey finds something good or funny. And the man with the hat always understands Hermey with love and understanding.

Hermey the Alpaca has become one of the most beloved pets on the farm. Sharing these tales will give you and your children lots of laughs and entertainment for years. And learn a little about alpacas with each book.

  • This is a read-aloud children's picture book.
  • The characters are based on real Animals on a small New England farm.
  • Fully illustrated picture book.
  • Excellent story anytime of day.
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