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Piri Piri Hot Pepper Sauce

Piri Piri Hot Pepper Sauce

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Incopil Temperos Piri-Piri (red hot pepper sauce) is a delicious spicy sauce that is widely used in the preparation of Portuguese dishes. Product of Portugal

Piri piri (also known as bird's eye, African devil, or African red devil) is a cultivar of Capsicum frutescens, one of the sources of chili pepper, that grows both wild and domesticated It is a small and extremely spicy member of the capsicum (Capsicum) genus.

Piri piri is the name used in the Portuguese language, namely in Portugal and Mozambique, to describe the African bird's-eye chili

Other English language spellings may include Pili pili in the Democratic Republic of the Congo or Peri peri, deriving from the various pronunciations of the word in parts of Africa, although "Piri piri" is the correct spelling in Portuguese

Piri Piri Hot Pepper Sauce Ingredients: red hot pepper, water, salt vinegar, salt, and preservative (sodium benzoate)
180ml - 6.09 fl oz.

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