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Portuguese Linguica Sausage Patty Mix

Portuguese Linguica Sausage Patty Mix

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Linguiça (pronounced lin-gwee-sah) is the mild version of Portuguese sausage, no hot pepper. You can mix it with ground pork or ground chicken. Shape into patties or put it through a casing for homemade sausage links! Any way you like it, enjoy the authentic flavor of Portuguese Sausage any time you get the craving! Just add ground pork, or ground chicken and water.

This Easy Recipe on the Back of Package:

Each Packet will make 12 quarter pound patties

Linguiça Recipe


  • 1 package of Linguiça Seasoning Mix.
  • 3 pounds ground pork
  • ⅓ cup spring water


  1. Add your ground pork to a large bowl.
  2. Add seasoning mix to the ground pork, mix thoroughly till all mix is well incorporated.
  3. Add water and again mix thoroughly.
  4. Layer a piece of parchment paper on a baking sheet.
  5. Shape the pork into fresh patties and put each one on the baking sheet. 1/4 pound each.
  6. When all the patties are done, put the baking sheet into the refrigerator, and cover lightly with aluminum foil. Let it set and cure for 24 hours.
  7. The next couple of days you can cook them from the fridge or freeze them to use another day. Freezing them will maintain best quality for about 2 months but will remain safe beyond that time.
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paprika, instant nonfat dry milk, salt, garlic powder, sugar, red wine powder, vinegar powder, white pepper, smoked paprika, oregano, prague curing salt #1

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